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SafeNight app comes to the aid of domestic violence victims in North Texas

Dallas Morning News

 “…The SafeNight app was developed through a partnership between California-based Caravan Studios and AdvanceNet Labs in Dallas. It’s being tested among 22 shelters in California, Iowa and North Texas…”

October 9, 2015

IRS Gives OK to Outside Good-Faith Determinations for Foundations

Daily Tax Report, Bloomberg BNA News

“’These final regulations will allow foundations to confidently rely on equivalency determinations provided through shared repositories like NGOsource,’” Vikki Spruill, president and chief executive officer of the Council on Foundations, told Bloomberg BNA in a Sept. 23 statement… In 2013, the Council on Foundations and TechSoup Global launched the first equivalency determination repository, NGOsource, after interpreting the proposed rules as paving the way for the repositories, Spruill said.

September 24, 2015

Lending a hand: Even more ways tech is delivering hope for humanity

The Next Web News

Perhaps the largest technology philanthropy program in the world, TechSoup wants to supply every nonprofit and NGO on the planet with the technology resources and knowledge it needs to operate at its full potential.

September 24, 2015

What's New in Windows 10

Philanthropy News Digest “TechSoup@PND”

 “If your nonprofit or library is considering upgrading its systems, check out some of the most important new features for both users and IT professionals…”

September 14, 2015

Windows XP still running on a third of business, public sector PCs in some Eastern European countries

ZD Net

“Non-governmental organizations in Romania seem to be better at upgrading: the large majority of them use Windows 7 and 8.1, Elena Coman, programs director for Techsoup, a not-for-profit organisation that provides tech services to the voluntary sector, told ZDNet..”

September 14, 2015

Tech exec embarks on charitable desert marathon, wants you to do your bit

ITWeb Africa

“David Barnard, VP: Africa at TechSoup Global, will take on desert altitude of up to 3 000 metres above sea level with a 12kg backpack in tow to generate support for the Sunflower Fund in South Africa…”

September 10, 2015

Google for Nonprofits Launches in South Korea

Google for Nonprofits Blog

 “In partnership with TechSoup, Google for Nonprofits is now available and servicing nonprofit organizations in South Korea.”

September 9, 2015

Smart Phone App Helps Secure Rooms For Domestic Violence Survivors

CBS-Television News, Dallas-Fort Worth

“…Sarey has used the [TechSoup/Caravan Studios] Safe Night app for sometime to donate money for hotel rooms. Funds are used by shelters without extra space to house abuse victims...”

September 9, 2015

Celebrating Charity: TechSoup Global's Partnership wtih Symantec

Symantec Official Blog

"...Symantec’s generosity has saved nonprofits and public libraries $173,422,041 on technology investments..."

September 5, 2015

Google goes all out to help South Africa non-profits

IT Web

“Google, in partnership with Techsoup, yesterday launched Google for Non-profits in South Africa, Kenya, and Botswana…”

September 2, 2015

The Importance of Open Data to the NGO Sector

SABC Television News (Johannesburg)

"Tonight's discussion with David Barnard from Tech Soup Global is on open data..."

August 30, 2015

How Range Can Help Libraries Connects Kids to Summer Meals

Public Libraries Online

“…But not all libraries have the capacity to serve summer meals. This is where Range, a mobile app created by Caravan Studios (a division of TechSoup), comes in to help…”

August 17, 2015

10 Great Non-Profits Making a Difference in the Tech Sector

Search Engine Journal

“San Francisco-based Caravan Studios is a division of TechSoup … that builds mobile apps for the greater good.”

August 2, 2015

OneSoft Solutions Inc. Reports Financial Results

“…the Company entered into an arrangement with TechSoup Global … and visits to OneSoft’s website have increased significantly since the project commenced…”

July 30, 2015

NetSuite: A Unique Nonprofit Solution

CIO Magazine

“…NetSuite’s generous offer means that nonprofits can come to TechSoup to take advantage of NetSuite’s donations…”

July 22, 2015

Virtual Reality Could Be the Next Big Thing in Charitable Giving

“… nonprofits are experimenting with a different kind of virtual reality: [TechSoup’s] ‘nonprofit archipelago’ in Second Life. The four simulated locations in the popular 3D virtual world offer opportunities for nonprofits to train, educate, and reach out to avatars — and the real-life players who control them.”

July 7, 2015

10 awesome technology nonprofits you should know about

ZDNet TechRepublic

“TechSoup Global … brings tech to nonprofits and schools that need it…”

June 23, 2015

Google launches free service for Scottish charities

Third Force News

“The internet giant launched the programme in Scotland in partnership with Technology Trust, the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations and TechSoup Global…”

June 23, 2015

What Google’s Algorithm Change Means for Library Websites

Public Libraries Online News and Opinion by Ginny Mies, TechSoup

 “…By beginning the mobile optimization process, you will not only stay ahead of the Google game, but you’ll also better serve your smartphone-carrying patrons…”

June 9, 2015

Google Expands Its Non-Profits Program To India And Nine Other Asian Nations

Tech Portal

“In partnership with TechSoup,  Google is expanding its Non-Profits program to India, along with Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.”

June 5, 2015

How SafeNight Leverages Technology to Temporarily House a Survivor


“Each week, we hear from a leader working to end human trafficking …today’s interview: Marnie Webb from TechSoup Global's Caravan Studios…”

June 5, 2015

Feel Good Every Day with These 9 Little Acts of Technology


“The TechSoup Global/Caravan Studios ‘Range’ app enables people to help food-insecure children…”

June 3, 2015

Happy Birthday,!


“...nonprofit-enabling partnerships that we want to celebrate today [include] TechSoup…which has helped hundreds of nonprofits ...offering resources to assure their success…”

May 28, 2015

Funding Technology Projects

Philanthropy News Digest

 “… One great place to start is TechSoup's online marketplace for donated and discounted software…”

May 27, 2015  

Social media transforms the fundraising landscape

Financial Times

“’….You don’t have to be a professional, but those are skills that need to be brought into your organisation because you now have to do more in more places,’ says Rebecca Masisak, chief executive of TechSoup Global, which connects non-profit organisations with technology products and resources…”

May 20, 2015

App that Locates Free Summer Meals Aims to Include Libraries

School Library Journal

“’We want safe places where [kids] can hang out and don’t have to buy a cup of coffee to sit there,’ says Marnie Webb, CEO of Caravan Studio, a division of TechSoup Global in San Francisco. ‘Our first and obvious answer is public libraries.’”

May 12, 2015

Insight, inspiration, and intel: what governmental open data offers for entrepreneurs of all kinds

Microsoft for Work Blog

“… Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup Global, uses publicly available data and modern technology to address societal ills…”

May 5, 2015

Google Tweaks Algorithm to Favor Mobile-Friendly Websites

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

"What Google is really trying to do is to make sure that a search from whatever device will find the best information and user experience," said Karen Coppock, vice president for strategy at TechSoup Global…”

April 23, 2015

How to Choose and Work with Technology Consultants

Philanthropy News Digest

"Through an arrangement with TechSoup, PND is pleased to offer a series of articles about the effective use of technology by nonprofits..."

April 2, 2015

This company was 13 years early to virtual reality — and it's getting ready to try again

Business Insider

“…San Francisco-based nonprofit TechSoup hosts weekly meetings in Second Life, where as many as 50 people meet in the virtual world — tools like Skype are too unwieldy at that scale…”

March 29, 2015

Rebecca Masisak, CEO, TechSoup Global

Real Leaders

“…Masisak believes NGOs and nonprofits around the world can be more effective through the appropriate use of technology…”

March 27, 2015

Technology more important than ever for not-for-profits

Scoop Business News

“…results of the ICT in the Not-For-Profit Sector Survey, released today by Infoxchange, Connecting Up and Techsoup New Zealand, uncover that many not-for-profits are facing significant IT challenges …’

March 27, 2015

Open Data Day 2015 Recap #4: Hacks, Meet Ups and Data Exploration in Africa!

Open Knowledge Foundation Blog

“… the award for largest open data day event in the world goes to the open data community in Yaoundé, Cameroon organized by [TechSoup Global’s] NetSquared Yaoundé community ... with 5,000 registered participants…”

March 25, 2015

25 Must-Read Nonprofit IT Blogs

BizTech Magazine

Soup’s on! At TechSoup, readers can expect a piping-hot serving of IT insights and advice. The posts here range from the very practical, such as wondering if Windows 8 can be loaded onto an old machine, to the more philosophical, such as imagining how digital currency could affect nonprofits in the future…”

March 25, 2015

Warsaw and Gdańsk open up public data

Polish Radio News

 “’The initiative has the aim of coordinating methods to access data which concerns many aspects of the functioning of the city…’ said Paulina Sobieszuk, from the TechSoup Foundation, which is developing the ‘Warsaw Data’ project…”

March 23, 2015

TechSoup Helps NGOs Help Others

NetSuite Blog

“We’re the convener amongst different parties – foundations and nonprofits, research organizations, individuals, technology providers,” said Rosette Nguyen, Director of Strategic Communications. “We’re thrilled to be able to help everyone contribute to a better world.”

February 27, 2015

In Romania, BaniPierduti Brings a "Funky" Approach to Budget Awareness

Personal Democracy Forum TechPresident Blog

"Restart Romania was crucial not only for the money and recognition to the project, says Chris Worman, Senior Director at TechSoup Global..:"

February 26 2015

Here’s why web analytics are good for your nonprofit’s website

Philanthropy in Focus (WINGS Global Network)

“In his blog for TechSoup, Jim Lynch shares some words from tech and philanthropy expert Lucy Bernholz on the importance of data for nonprofits and foundations…”
February 9, 2015

Tech group has solution for churches to enjoy cyber security by Russ Jones  

“Dan Webb, vice president of Technology Solutions and Services at TechSoup Global, says the organization has partnered with Bitdefender … to give churches and religious organizations access to donated Internet security software.”

January 28, 2015

Hackers increasingly target the church collection plate

ConsumerAffairs by Mark Huffman

"...TechSoup, an oganization that makes software and technology help available to non-profits, says religious organizations and other nonprofits need to be more proactive in the steps they take to secure personal and financial information..."

January 26, 2015

Saving the Soul of Cyber?

Politico Morning Cybersecurity Report by Tal Kopan

“Network security outfit Bitdefender and nonprofit alliance TechSoup are teaming up to offer low-cost cybersecurity services to religious groups and organizations, including places of worship…”

January 23, 2015

TechSoup: An Interview with Dan Webb

Christian Media Magazine

"TechSoup helps churches and religious organizations leverage technology..."

January 17, 2015

TechSoup Global Expands Tech Gifts to Religious Organizations, Your Clients

Church Designer Magazine

"As an architect or designer with church clients, you're in a unique position to point these budget-conscious organizations toward free technology from major companies..."

January 6, 2015

6 Clever Mobile Apps Created by Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good Blog

“When someone is in urgent need of safe shelter to escape domestic violence, SafeNight enables users to make an immediate donation to pay for a hotel room for the person in need.”

December 28, 2014

Why Your Non-Profit Should be Using Techsoup

Byte Technology Blog

"Enter Founded in 1987 as The CompuMentor Project, the 501 (c) (3) is the ultimate partner for non-profits big and small, providing invaluable support in the form of tech products and support..."

December 24, 2014

Hey Cabbies, Apps Are Cheap!

The Huffington Post blog by Daniel Ben-Horin, Founder, TechSoup Global

"I threatened in a recent post to write more about how the Sharing Economy and the social sector could, in some fashion, enhance each other..."

December 24, 2014

How can foundations interact with the growing number of crowdfunding campaigns?

Effective Philanthropy post by Chris Worman, TechSoup Global

“Give-Get-Do’s combination of grantmaking, capacity building and crowdsourcing has begun balancing quality thinking and quantity giving ...”

December 14, 2014

How Tech Gives: Does Your Organization Have What It Needs? Product Donation Programs

Foundation Center "Front and Center" Blog

 “In creating a connected world, companies like Symantec and Microsoft (both are TechSoup partners) are providing product donations to organizations to support their efforts to help others…”

December 10, 2014

Tis the techie season! Help us donate to

Spiceworks Blog

 “... there's no shortage of festive cheer around here. But the coolest way we're spreading the spice this December is by donating to the fantastic nonprofit, TechSoup Global …”

December 9, 2014

Technology, philanthropy team up for religious groups by Russ Jones

 “A nonprofit group that donated $37 million worth of technology products and services to nearly 10,000 churches and other religious organizations in 2013 is now offering even more products.”

December 6, 2014

Women Innovators: Marnie Webb Aims to Galvanize Communities With Technology

Not Impossible Blog

“As the CEO of Caravan Studios (a division of TechSoup Global), Webb oversaw the team that launched two groundbreaking apps...”

November 20, 2014

The Emerging Power of Giving in Africa

The Huffington Post Blog by David Barnard, Vice-President, TechSoup Africa

 “The #GivingTuesday campaign raised nearly $20 million in December 2014 …There is no reason why this fundraising success can't be replicated in Africa -- if not financially, then at least in terms of the percentage of people participating in active giving efforts. “

November 7, 2014

TechSoup Names Winners of Its Annual Storymakers Contest

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

“This year’s TechSoup annual Storymakers digital storytelling contest attracted 230 entries … competing for prizes up to $5,000…”

October 22, 2014

Debating the Latest Philanthropy Issues with the Sector’s Experts

Effect Magazine blog post by Christopher Worman, TechSoup Global

“A wise use of technology is key to scaling up social impact. TechSoup was among the first organisations to understand this…”

October 15, 2014

Migration and mobility: reflections from the 2014 Grantmakers East Forum

Alliance Magazine post by Christopher Worman, TechSoup Global

 “The 2014 Grantmakers East Forum proved itself a valiant attempt to illuminate some of the many ways in which European grantmakers might engage in issues surrounding issues of migration…”

October 15, 2014

App Leverages the Crowd to Help Domestic Violence Victims in Crisis


“‘On any given night, more than 5,000 urgent requests for shelter can’t be met,’ says Marnie Webb, CEO of Caravan Studios … a subsidiary of Techsoup.”

October 1, 2014

Nonprofits: Reconciling the Supply & Demand of Good Intentions

Stanford Social Innovation Review Blog post by John Cary

“’We’re serving more than 100,000 organizations a year, helping NGOs around the world gain access to hundreds of millions of dollars in donated technology products and services,’ explains Kyle Reis, TechSoup’s senior director for Global Data Services.”

September 15, 2014

Internet Slows Down In Net Neutrality Protest

The NonProfit Times

 “ ‘A fast lane means there is also a slow lane, and social sector organizations will inevitably be consigned there…’ said Karen Coppock, vice president of strategy and impact at TechSoup Global …”

September 10, 2014

TechSoup@PND: Which Crowdfunding Platform Is Best for Your Organization?

Philanthropy News Digest

 “… Ushahidi, a nonprofit headquartered in Kenya, used Kickstarter to launch production of BRCK, a Wi-Fi router and mobile modem built to withstand the elements…”

September 4, 2014

For Social Good: Libraries and the Sharing Economy


“Have you ever wondered what the sharing economy is, and how libraries fit in?  TechSoup's July webinar offers a good explanation …”

September 3, 2014

90-Day Countdown to #GivingTuesday December 2, 2014

“…with the help of Pvblic Foundation, TechSoup Global, United Nations Development Programme and other multinational organizations, the #GivingTuesday movement reaches countries around the world...

September 2, 2014

Breaching the Walled Garden: APIs Helping Organizations Access Multiple Programs

The NonProfit Times

 “I can see non-profits becoming oversold on things they don’t really need, “said Allyson Bliss of TechSoup Global. “This is a new area and it’s not proven yet in terms of actual ROI…”

September 1, 2014

Google hands its digital toolbox to Kiwi charities

StopPress, New Zealand

“…New Zealand is only the fourth country after the United States, Japan and Canada to be included in the Google for Nonprofits grant programme … But before not-for-profit organisations can access Google's services, they need to register online through the TechSoup website...”

August 28, 2014

Fifty Shades of Sharing. Or at Least Two

Stanford Social Innovation Review Blog post by Daniel Ben-Horin

“Understanding the division within the sharing economy is an essential step toward engaging the values-driven segment of that economy with our social change missions.”

August 28, 2014

Network to Know: NetSquared

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN) blog

 “…We talked to Elijah van der Giessen, NetSquared’s Community Manager, about why NetSquared is a network to know…’

July 31, 2014

Everyone Makes a Difference (Summer Meals)

No Kid Hungry Blog (by Sarah Washburn, Caravan Studios)

“…My team at Caravan Studios made Range after we learned how few kids benefit from the summer meals program. We wanted to make a difference…”

July 18, 2014

Caravan Studios wins husITa best human services app

Human Services Information Technology Applications (husITa)

“The husITa award for the best human services app goes to Caravan Studios (a division of TechSoup Global) for their app Range, developed by Marnie Webb… runners up ucForward and SafeNight also by Caravan Studios…”

July 15, 2014

Libraries Needed to Host Summer Meal Programs. Here’s How to Help

School Library Journal

“’Launched in April 2014, Range is now loading the summer lunch sites, which started to become available last month via WhyHunger,' says Marnie Webb, spokesperson for Caravan Studios, the creator of Range and a division of TechSoup Global…”

July 7, 2014

NetSuite teams with TechSoup to reach nonprofits


“For now only predetermined, qualified nonprofits will have access to NetSuite's cloud-based SaaS offerings, but the partnership will evolve to make all of TechSoup's 52 NGO partner organizations eligible for the NetSuite goodie bag…”

June 30, 2014

A Smart (phone) Search for a Summer Meal for Kids

Bread New Mexico Blog

“I recently learned about new application that could be useful for anti-hunger advocates … This free mobile app, called Range, allows a person to locate the nearest time and place for school age youth to get a free meal during the summer time…”

June 28, 2014 Platform Sold And To Be Shutdown

The Nonprofit Times

“The kind of problems we have — poverty, childhood hunger, violence against women — only get solved when a community of people band together,” said Marnie Webb, CEO at Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup Global in San Francisco, Calif. “We’re eager to see what Brigade Media has planned and think the integration of Causes can help them start off with the critical mass required to truly make an impact.”

June 11, 2014

Mobile Impact Machine

Stanford Social Innovation Review Blog post by Matthew Bauer

"We also collaborate with the NGO technology provider TechSoup Global to gather feedback and craft mobile services specifically for nonprofits and libraries, as well as for their employees, volunteers, donors, and communities."

June 10, 2014

How an app can connect children with summer meal programs

Chicago Tribune Blue Sky Innovation

"The Illinois Summer Feeding Program is taking advantage of a new app to promote awareness of summer meal programs for children… called Range, it was developed by California-based Caravan Studios. Caravan is a division of TechSoup Global…”

June 10, 2014

Computer recycling: What school CIOs need to know

District Administration

“Recycling is the best way to properly dispose of outdated technology instead of allowing it to collect dust or to break down in landfills, says Jim Lynch, director of green technology at TechSoup Global…”

June 9, 2014

Four Great Resources for Foundation Technology

Philanthropy News Digest (TechSoup@PND)

"Indeed, 98 percent of private foundations have less than $50 million in assets. In other words, foundations need tech support as much as anyone."

June 4, 2014

Nonprofit Databases Often Too Small For Heartbleed Hackers

The NonProfit Times

“Your data may be leaked not because of some hacker, but due to a weak link in your staff,” said Kevin Lo, senior program manager for TechSoup Global. “I work under the assumption that all software has some sort of security flaw ,,, I would be more concerned about a volunteer having access to an online database…”

May 30, 2014

Introducing our 2014 Grant Portfolio!

Full Circle Fund

“On Thursday, July 10th 2014, we at Full Circle Fund hosted our 3rd Annual Demo Day to showcase and introduce our 2014 Grant Partners …[including] In the category “Economic Opportunity Circle,” Caravan Studios …”

May 29, 2014

Mobile is a new application to help human trafficking

New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV)

“SafeNight is a mobile application that provides a reliable way for those who are willing to lend a helping hand, so that they can effectively help get donor funds for victims of human trafficking…”

May 29, 2014

Potential Gutting Of Net Neutrality Hurts Nonprofits

The NonProfit Times

"'The nonprofit sector will be unable to compete with for-profit websites if paid priority is implemented,' said Karen Coppock, vice president of strategy and impact at TechSoup … 'A fast lane means there is also a slow lane, and social sector organizations will inevitably be consigned there … with negative impact on the millions who depend on social sector organizations...'”

May 15, 2014

Wearable Technology Can Change Relationships With Donors & Clients

The NonProfit Times

"'Nonprofits have more pressing technological needs to tend to,' said Jim Lynch of TechSoup Global in San Francisco...'We’re having huge numbers of people still on Windows XP, a 10- or 11-year-old operating system...We’re trying to get the word out that you either need to upgrade your OS or have a heavy-duty antivirus program...That’s a battle we’re fighting right this minute.'"

May 1, 2014

Caravan Studios Wins Competition for Innovative Solution Supporting Human Trafficking Survivors

"Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup Global, is a winner of the Partnership for Freedom’s Reimagine: Opportunity innovation challenge for its project, the Safe Shelter Collaborative ... The Partnership for Freedom has awarded the Collaborative with $1.17 million for its solution to revolutionize the way survivors of human trafficking access safe shelter..."

April 30, 2014

BetterWorld Wireless Launches Groundbreaking Mobile Service Powered by Sprint That Combines Smart Plans and Social Impact

Houston Chronicle

“Mobile is revolutionizing how nonprofits work. TechSoup Global wants to make it easy for these best practices and resources to spread, so that nonprofits can have a greater impact..”

April 22, 2014

Nonprofits Try New Ways to Test Ideas Quickly

PhilanthroFiles-Exponent Philanthropy

“…Says Marnie Webb of TechSoup Global, which developed a computer application to allow donors to buy a hotel room for victims of domestic violence, ‘The central idea is that any product that we develop will get better if it lives as much of its life as possible outside of our office…’”

April 21, 2014

AmCham joins TechSoup to put used PC to good use

Taiwan News

“The American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei announced Monday to join TechSoup’s refurbished computer initiative ahead of Earth Day … This initiative was initially introduced into Taiwan in 2008 by the Frontier Foundation, a local affiliate of TechSoup Global.”

April 21, 2014

VolunteerMatch to Pilot International Expansion of Corporate Volunteering Network Using TechSoup Global Technology


“Through TechSoup Global's unparalleled international NGO partner network and its expertise in NGO validation, VolunteerMatch will begin providing volunteer engagement services outside the U.S. for the first time…”

April 16, 2014

Hispanics In Philanthropy To Experiment With Crowdsourcing

The Nonprofit Times

“Ginny Mies, a staff writer at San Francisco, Calif.-based TechSoup Global, said that crowdsourcing is appealing for nonprofits like HIP because it makes it quick and easy for donors to support a wide variety of organizations using virtually any platform…”

April 15, 2014

Q & A with Rebecca Masisak, CEO, TechSoup Global


“ ‘I believe that the challenges of our times call for multi-stakeholder solutions … and technology has a big role to play here —both as a set of solutions and as an exchange platform for resources and ideas. My goal for TechSoup Global is to help scale other social good actors and resources globally, 100x…’”

March 26, 2014

Charities Try New Ways to Test Ideas Quickly and Polish Them Later

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

“Caravan Studios, the TechSoup division that created the app, has embraced a new management approach popular in Silicon Valley known as lean start-up…’The central idea is that any product that we develop will get better if it lives as much of its life as possible outside of our office,’ says Marnie Webb, CEO of Caravan...”

March 23, 2014

When Change Is In Range: New Mobile App Connects School Kids with Summer Meals


 “Veteran social change technologist Marnie Webb is the CEO of Caravan Studios, a division of the nonprofit TechSoup Global, and her team’s collaborative approach uses a theory of technology intervention to allow communities to respond to the issues they care about most…”

March 20, 2014

Let’s Make A Deal: Negotiating With Payment Processors

The Nonprofit Times

 “’A lot of people look at the rates they are quoted but they might not get the advertised rate because of hidden fees (listed in the fine print),” said Allyson Bliss, relationship manager at TechSoup Global in San Francisco, ‘Those take the biggest bites out of your wallet.’”

March 19, 2014

Thanks to you the Microsoft #Do1Thing initiative donates $50,000 to TechSoup Global

Microsoft Security Tips and Talk Blog

“’As communities around the world use the Internet to learn and connect, developing responsible online safety habits is something each of us should act on,” says Rebecca Masisak, CEO of TechSoup Global…’”

March 11, 2014


The ‘Flickr’ Of an Idea

The Nonprofit Times

“’We now live in a very instant world, and the ability to choose what works for you and tell the stories are really powerful,’ said Alexandra Bezdikian, interactive events and video producer for TechSoup Global…”

February 28, 2014

Making a Healthy Exit

Stanford Social Innovation Review by David Lehr, TechSoup Global

“In places like rural Guatemala, the quest to sustain a vital social enterprise often depends on finding the right private-sector partner…”

February 28, 2014

Heinz Foundation honors 5 with $250K awards

Washington Post

“The Heinz Family Foundation is honoring five people for their work to improve the world through innovations in the arts, sciences, public policy, technology, and economics [including] Leila Janah, of San Francisco…” [a member of TechSoup Global’s board of directors]

February 25, 2014

"Rethink. Redefine. Recreate"

TEDxBerkeley 2014

Video of a talk by Marnie Webb, CEO of Caravan Studios (a division of TechSoup Global).

February 13, 2014

Microsoft, Google and Twitter mark Safer Internet Day with privacy awareness initiatives

The Next Web Blog

“…Microsoft says ‘it’s clear’ that people aren’t being more cautious at protecting their data, which is why it hopes that focusing on a single tip this year will help. The firm is also planning to a donation to TechSoup Global, a nonprofit that uses technology to solve problems worldwide..."

February 11, 2014

To reduce the cost of technology CFSK has initiated a discount programme tagged TechSoup Kenya

KTN Television Newsdesk (Video)

“In a bid to reduce the cost of technology for non- profit organizations in Kenya, Computers for Schools Kenya (CFSK) has initiated a discount programme tagged TechSoup Kenya...”

February 11, 2014

TechSoup targets local non-profits in new program Kamau Mbote

CIO East Africa

“TechSoup through its local outfit TechSoup Kenya has started an initiative that will help local non-profits access software with the Computer for Schools Kenya (CFSK) acting as the manager of the programme.”

February 11, 2014

New Apps Aim to Help Victims of Domestic Violence New Apps Aim to Help Victims of Domestic Violence

California Health Report by Mary Flynn

“'What we’re trying to do is to make sure that anybody that is seeking safe shelter because they urgently need to get away from violence has an option, and one of those options can be hotels,'” said Marnie Webb, CEO of Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup Global and developer of the SafeNight app."

February 6, 2014

In Developing World, A Push to Bring E-Waste Out of Shadows

Yale School of Environmental Science environment360 blog

 “Jim Lynch, a recycling expert at TechSoup Global, a U.S.-based non-profit, says adding extra life to computers saves between 5 and 20 times more energy than recycling them outright…”

February 6, 2014

SafeNight Program Highlighted at D.C. Partnership for Freedom Finalists’ Workshop

Aidmatrix Humanitarian Relief Blog post by Graham Caywood

"Last week, Aidmatrix was honored to be one of 12 finalists invited to attend the Partnership for Freedom workshop in Washington, D.C. This competition is designed to develop “Modern Solutions to Modern Day Slavery” and Aidmatrix’s SafeNight mobile app, in participation with Caravan Studios (a division of TechSoup Global), was selected as a finalist..."

January 21, 2014

Fighting The Cruelty Of Human Trafficking, Social Entrepreneurs Craft New Models For Helping Victims

Forbes Magazine Entrepreneurs Blog post by Tom Watson

“The finalists for the initial challenge are intentionally diverse; they include ideas like:SafeNight, a mobile and crowdfunding technology to increase emergency short-term shelter for human trafficking survivors, proposed by Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup…”

January 11, 2014

Interview with GuideStar President and CEO Jacob Harold

GuideStar News (reprinted from Alliance Magazine)

"...Another thing that's behind the scenes but really important is the BRIDGE Project, our partnership with GlobalGiving, TechSoup Global, and the Foundation Center to create global "unique identifiers" for NGOs around the world..."

January 6, 2014

Experience of an ISOC fellow at the OECD: Big Data

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Internet Technical Advisory Committee Newsletter

“’In October 2012, I had the opportunity to participate as an ISOC fellow to the OECD Foresight Forum,’ says Keisha Taylor, Senior Manager, Business Planning and Research for TechSoup Global’s Global Data Services Programme...”

December 20, 2013

Grassroots to Webroots: Reshaping Civil Society

Alliance Magazine by Chris Worman, TechSoup Global

 “…Regardless of if or how you engage in linking social media to social change, it is clear that network-based initiatives are establishing a track record of motivating communities around solving the issues they find most relevant; they are enabling real change.”

December 1, 2013

Tech Donations: Transforming NGOs & NPOs – Part 1

Coffee Break with Game-Changers (Presented by SAP)

“Giving is good, right? The experts speak. Microsoft Senior Director of Citizenship and Public Affairs Akhtar Badshah …TechSoup Global Program Development Director Chris Worman … SAP America Head of Technology Donations Nish Pangali…”

December 1, 2013

Everything is more fun in the Balkans: Technology, Civic Discourse, and Open Data

Open Data World Bank Data Blog

“I had the privilege of delivering a closing keynote of an Open Data Demand pilot project and the World Bank Group’s Open Finances experience at TechSoup Global’s Community Boost_r TechCamp held in Sarajevo from November 7-8…”

November 21, 2013

“BRIDGE” to Somewhere: Progress to Date

Foundation Center Philanthropy Up and Center Washington, D.C. Blog

“Considering its ambitious scope, the project has unfolded as efficiently as we could have hoped for, given that it’s dependent on collaboration between four distinct partner organizations—Foundation Center, GlobalGiving, GuideStar, and TechSoup Global …”

November 18, 2013

Helping Non-Profits get a running start!

SAP Community Network Blog

"This week, in partnership with TechSoup Global, several non-profit organizations from the San Francisco Bay Area came together to learn about cutting edge analytics solutions."

November 15, 2013

Phoning It In

The Nonprofit Times

"Android is still the clear winner in the U.S. in terms of market share. However, Marnie Webb, CEO of Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup Global, said that popularity should not be the determining factor for nonprofits when targeting mobile users..."

October 15, 2013

4 Steps Toward Open Data Business Models

Markets for Good Blog Post by Daniel Ben-Horin, Jess Galeria and Keisha Taylor

"TechSoup Global is interested in harnessing open data and any other accessible data to drive creation of new social benefit products and services..."

October 15, 2013

Social Media, Crisis Mapping and the New Frontier in Disaster Response

The Guardian Professional Network: Social Media & Crisis Mapping

"During a crisis the large amounts of data produced can be overwhelming to analyze, and microtasking could help solve that problem..."

October 8, 2013

Symantec Corporate Responsibility in Action

Symantec and TechSoup Global Help Nonprofits Achieve their Missions by Marissa Rusek

"In FY13 over 22,000 non-profits and libraries in 28 countries were served via our partnership with Symantec. Collectively, these organizations saved over $20 million dollars on technology investments..."

September 27, 2013

The Inbox of Our Lives

The Huffington Post by Daniel Ben-Horin

"We are living in a world well described in Present Shock by Douglas Rushkoff. The quantity and immediacy of the Information flow have increased exponentially ..."

September 25, 2013

Marnie Webb  Building apps that change the world, one community at a time

Philanthropy in focus/WINGS Global Network

"Marnie Webb is the CEO of Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup Global whose driving force seems to lie somewhere between SGS13 and the Rockefeller Foundation Initiative..."

September 20, 2013

What about Small Data?

Alliance Magazine post by Christopher Worman, TechSoup Global

“…TechSoup’s first Small Data visualization project, for example, emerged out of our desire to better understand and share the story of our network…and this enabled us to begin thinking differently about our impact.”

September 1, 2013

Is Corporate Citizenship a Dying Concept?

Symantec-3BL Media

"At TechSoup when we asked some of our donor partners about the state of corporate citizenship we got a very different picture."

August 27, 2013

Kansas Citians create a fund to help cross the digital divide

Kansas City Star

"Jim Lynch’s organization, TechSoup Global, reaches for what he called “the holy grail of digital inclusion — low-cost computer equipment for people to have in their homes."

August 14, 2013

In Slovakia, a Website Shines the Spotlight on Infamously Corrupt Judiciary


"The site was designed by two students, Pavol Zbell and Samuel Molnár, who went on to win funding from a civil society activism challenge called ReStart Slovakia..."

July 31, 2013

Juicebox: Squeezing new life into old computers

BBC Future

"Demand for desktop PCs may be declining in developed countries, yet developing countries are incredibly hungry for PCs, says Jim Lynch, Director of Green Tech at TechSoup Global..."

July 17, 2013

What's The Story, Data?

Foundation Center Glasspockets Transparency Talk Blog

"Kyle Reis, after twenty-five years at the Ford Foundation, has just joined the nonprofit social enterprise TechSoup Global as Senior Director of Global Data Services and East Coast Representative...."

July 10, 2013

Microsoft Supports TechSoup Asia Launches in Indonesia & Vietnam

Microsoft Citizenship Asia Pacific

"Microsoft has broadened their partnership with TechSoup to facilitate software donation for non-governmental organisations, extending the TechSoup Asia partner network to Indonesia and Vietnam..."

June 24, 2013

Beyond Sexy

Stanford Social Innovation Review Blog by Daniel Ben-Horin

"Let's start telling social entrepreneurial aspirants the truth and get those who support the field financially to acknowledge that staying power and relationship-building are ineluctable partners to innovation. Part two of a series...."

June 19, 2013

Between the Quick Exit and the Long Sojourn

Stanford Social Innovation Review Blog by Daniel Ben-Horin

"TechSoup Global Founder and Chief Instigator Daniel Ben-Horin writes about social entrepreneurs who have to get out there and do the work, with enough staying power to make a real impact. Part 1 of a series...."

June 19, 2013

Global grantmaking made easier

GrantCraft (Foundation Center and European Foundation Centre)

"Sheila Warren is general counsel of NGOsource and TechSoup Global, where she provides guidance on international philanthropy law and oversees NGOsource's equivalency determination review team..."

June 18, 2013

'Big data' and philanthropy - powerful but mixed blessing?

European Social Innovation Research

"In opening the panel session, moderator Rebecca Masisak (CEO, TechSoup Global) ... quoted a recent McKinsey report which trumpeted 'big data' as 'the next big thing'..."

June 14, 2013

BRIDGE to Somewhere: A Conversation with GlobalGiving, GuideStar, the Foundation Center, and TechSoup Global

Markets for Good

"The Basic Registry of Identified Global Entities (BRIDGE) is a new collaborative project that aims to revolutionize information sharing..."

June 6, 2013

TechSoup: Changing the world one click at a time


"VitaEurope meets Rebecca Masisak, CEO of TechSoup, the organisation which helps NGOs overcome the digital divide."

June 4, 2013

#Spark13: Rebecca Masisak at the SPARK 4th Global Forum on Telecentres Foundation

A member of the Board of Trustees, TechSoup Global CEO Rebecca Masisak described the work of TechSoup Global at this bi-annual event (sponsored in 2013 by Microsoft, Telefonica, Vodafone, AgoraNews, Autoritas,, and Devex).

May 29, 2013

New service makes it easier to provide direct aid to international charities

Philanthropy Journal

"NGOsource recently launched a new service that makes it easier for donors and grantmakers to provide international aid ... 'It's going gangbusters. We get new clients every day,' says NGOsource General Counsel Sheila Warren..."

May 20, 2013

Kenya Balancing Act: Human Rights, Civil Society, Neo-Colonialism, and Democracy

The Huffington Post blog by Daniel Ben-Horin

"The balance between repudiating colonialism and protecting human rights is infinitely tricky. We must get it right."

May 13, 2013

In the crowded field of corporate citizenship, an opportunity waits blog post by Andrea Useem

"...When nonprofit TechSoup Global initiated a series of technology challenges in 2011 with help from Microsoft, the U.S. embassy in Bucharest and other partners in Romania, they didn’t know which issues the citizen entrepreneurs would tackle..."

May 10, 2013

Changing Business As Usual: 3 Questions for Non-profit & For-profit Innovation Leaders

Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire

"...NGO Source, just announced in Chicago, enables U.S. Foundations to provide unrestricted grants to organizations in other countries ... The dedicated team from TechSoup Global and the Council on Foundations spent five years working on this breakthrough...."

April 29, 2013

Benchmarks Give Public Libraries the Edge

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation "Impatient Optimists" blog post by Sarah Washburn, TechSoup Global

"...We know that benchmarks alone are not a panacea. A key part in strengthening public access technology services is advocating for them, in particular at the local level..."

April 19, 2013

Mobile Beacon Expands 4G Mobile Broadband Donation Program on

"...since Mobile Beacon launched on, more than 800 nonprofits have taken advantage of this program..."

April 11, 2013

TechSoup: Changing the world one click at a time


"VitaEurope meets Rebecca Masisak, CEO of TechSoup, the organisation which helps NGOs overcome the digital divide..."

April 6, 2013

TechSoup Global Enhances Communications with Skype

Asia Futures Magazine Online (Microsoft)

"''Through the TechSoup Global Network, we have been able to provide improved access to technology donations and capacity development resources,' said Glenn Fajardo, Global Network Launch Manager at TechSoup Global..."

April 3, 2013

Making Data an Afterthought

Markets for Good Blog

"'At TechSoup, we have been working with the DV agencies for over 10 years, helping them to better use technology and data to serve their clients..."

March 26, 2013

Schwab Charitable Makes International Giving Easier and More Cost Effective

Business Wire

"'Schwab Charitable is the first national donor-advised fund to partner with NGOsource, a new legal service that assesses whether a foreign grantee can be considered the equivalent of a U.S.-public charity and qualify for tax-deductible donations..."

March 12, 2013

Data Points and Data Agents

Markets for Good Blog

"'TechSoup Global itself is engaged in a variety of projects that collect data on the sector and its wealth of stakeholders..."

March 5, 2013

'Equivalency determination' takes on a new face

Alliance Magazine

"'NGOsource, a first-of-its-kind equivalency determination information repository, will go live this March. Developed by the San Francisco-based non-profit TechSoup Global in partnership with the Council on Foundations, Foundation Center, Independent Sector, InterAction and a consortium of donors..."

March 1, 2013

New regulations add to international grantmaking toolbelt

Alliance Magazine by Barnett F. Baron

"'NGOsource has established such a repository and Give2Asia is proud to partner with NGOsource to enable us to incorporate equivalency determination seamlessly..."

February 28, 2013

NGOs hire corporate big guns to drive overhaul, senior pros help build capacity & competency

The Economic Times

"'To work with corporates, NGOs need to work like them. There is a lot of emphasis on streamlining operations and scaling up projects,' says Pushpa Aman Singh, CEO of GuideStar India, an NGO database portal..."

February 22, 2013

Guidestar Founder Urges a Stronger Philanthropic Ecosystem

Nonprofit Quarterly

"'One of the nation's most recognized thinkers and activists in the nonprofit sector is Buzz Schmidt, the founder of GuideStar and GuideStar International and a member of the board of TechSoup Global..."

February 22, 2013

In Slovakia, Student Developers Open Up the Court System

Personal Democracy Media/TechPresident

"'Open Courts is an initiative that came out of Restart Slovakia ...Chris Worman, the director of development for TechSoup Global, wrote in the Guardian that the attitude behind Open Courts is strikingly different..."

February 21, 2013

Open Data: Decentralising and Democratising Social Justice

The Guardian UK

"...Chris Worman writes about Open Courts, the dataset which provides a model for others interested in data-driven advocacy..."

February 19, 2013

Divining a vision for Markets for Good

Alliance Magazine

"Buzz Schmidt's paper ... originally written for the Stanford's Centre for Philanthropy and Civil Society ... looks at the utility of non-profit sector information over time..."

February 18, 2013

Give2Asia, NGOsource Collaborate to Enhance Philanthropy to Asia

Philanthropy News Digest (Foundation Center)

"San Francisco-based Give2Asia and NGOsource, a project of the Council on Foundations and TechSoup Global, have announced a collaboration designed to make giving to projects and organizations in Asia easier..."

December 25, 2012

Using Smartphones and Portable WiFi Hotspots to Tell Your Story

Philanthropy News Digest (Foundation Center)

"More than any other time of the year, December is the time for charities to tell their story..."

December 20, 2012

Turning Design Thinking to Design Doing

Stanford Social Innovation Review blog post by Glenn Fajardo, John Rehm, Kal Joffres

" of us (co-author Glenn Fajardo) started organizing the TechSoup Asia Program Design Session, an event that convened leading social innovation professionals in Southeast Asia..."

December 6, 2012

Nonprofit Leaders' Advice to the President

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

"'Give community leaders technology tools to promote change'...Rebecca Masisak, co-chief executive officer, TechSoup Global..."

November 8, 2012

Foundation Center and TechSoup Global in strategic alliance

Alliance Magazine eBulletin

"The Foundation Center and TechSoup Global have announced a cooperation ...that will allow their respective constituencies to draw on the data and resources of the other organization..."

November 1, 2012

Foundation Center and TechSoup Global Form Strategic Alliance

Foundation Center Press Release

"The Foundation Center and TechSoup Global have announced a strategic alliance that will leverage their expertise in data management, analysis, and visualization..."

October 18, 2012

A New World Arising - A Participant's Reflections on ReStart Romania by Daniel Ben-Horin

The Huffington Post

"Back in December, I reported on ReStart Romania, which challenged Romanians to develop web-based projects to combat corruption and open up government..."

October 8, 2012

Blue Shield of California Foundation Awards $7.3 Million in Third-Quarter Grants

Philanthropy News Digest

"Blue Shield of California Foundation has announced grants totaling $7.3 million ... including $297,000 to TechSoup Global for sustainable information technology solutions and infrastructure among domestic violence service providers..."

October 7, 2012

Campus Party: It's not a "Spanish Thing"

Stanford Social Innovation Review blog post by Daniel Ben-Horin

"A look at a generational cohort that the world must engage..."

September 20, 2012

Nonprofits Are Excited-and Confused-About Cloud Computing

Chronicle of Philanthropy

"A survey of nonprofits around the world finds both great interest and significant confusion about the potential of cloud computing...The survey was conducted by TechSoup Global..."

September 19, 2012

What Every Nonprofit Needs to Know about Cloud Computing

Nonprofit Quarterly

"...TechSoup Global recently released a report that surveyed more than 10,000 NGO's across 88 countries ... 'People often don't know whether or not the technology they are using is cloud computing,' says Marnie Webb, co-CEO..."

September 19, 2012

Over half of NGOs plan to move IT into the cloud

Information Age

"Non-profit group TechSoup Global's 2012 Global Cloud Computing Survey found that 53% of 10,500 respondents plan to move a 'significant portion' of their IT to the cloud within three years..."

September 14, 2012

Is the UN Really Trying to Take Over the Internet?

Stanford Social Innovation Review blog post by Keisha Taylor

"A look at new proposals to change how our Internet is governed...'"

September 13, 2012

Research uncovers the reality of cloud computing for nonprofits

Microsoft Corporate Citizenship Blog post by Dan Webb, TechSoup Global

"Together, TechSoup Global and Microsoft have enabled more than 180,000 nonprofits around the world to save more than US $3.2 billion in IT expenses. And we want to make certain organizations can effectively use the technology...'"

September 13, 2012

Nonprofits in the Age of the "New Citizen"

Stanford Social Innovation Review blog post by Sheetal Singh

"Good intentions abound in the civic and social app movement ...what are missing are impactful solutions...'"

August 2, 2012

Impact: The Lovechild of Innovation and Collaboration

Stanford Social Innovation Review blog post by Daniel Ben-Horin

"The power of bringing people together-reflections on TechSoup Global Summit one year later."

July 18, 2012

Bringing your data to life: a Guardian/Techsoup Global seminar (full page print edition)

The Guardian UK

"We're thinking of all individual NGOs and civil society organisations as people that can contribute to the data stream, 'TechSoup Global's co-chief executive officer, Marnie Webb, told the audience...'"

June 27, 2012

Bringing your data to life: a Guardian/Techsoup Global seminar (abbreviated web edition with video)

The Guardian UK

"Charities and non-governmental organisations may be missing a trick by not making effective use of their information ..."

June 27, 2012

Remarks on the Occasion of the Launch of the Restart Romania Project "Bani Pierduti"

Embassy of the United States, Bucharest, Romania

"It's a particular honor to witness the launch of another excellent project that emerged from TechSoup Romania's Restart Challenge ..."

May 23, 2012

How The James Irvine Foundation Received Microsoft Donations Through TechSoup

Foundation Center / Philanthropy News Digest

"With new Microsoft eligibility rules now allowing private foundations to receive Microsoft donations ... Irvine IT director Jeff Brandenburg talks about getting the first donations in his foundation's history ..."

May 22, 2012

Grantmakers Renew Push for Equivalency Determination Guidance

"...the Advisory Committee ... issued a report ...[which] specifically mentioned NGOsource, a joint project of the Council on Foundations and TechSoup Global ..."

May 11, 2012

TechSoup Asia sets up shop in Thailand

Bangkok Post

"TechSoup Asia, a non-profit organisation (NGO) that provides non-profits and libraries with technology donations, launched in Thailand to provide greater..."

May 06, 2012

Building Better Solutions Together, Faster

Stanford Social Innovation Review blog post by Glenn Fajardo

"The *Weekend Movement ... builds crafty projects and innovative solutions to real-world problems ...I was recently in Malaysia, where I had an opportunity to spend time with three of its organizers ... "

April 25, 2012

How Small and Large Nonprofits Use Social Media

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

"'...TechSoup Global ... dedicates three full-time employees and four part-time contractors to maintaining its presence on social networks...says Susan Tenby..."

April 23, 2012

Innovation Obsession Disorder

Stanford Social Innovation Review blog post by Daniel Ben-Horin

"'...We need to establish a new consensus that propagation is as important as innovation..."

April 11, 2012

Tension and Possibility: The New Dynamics of Change: Reflections on Ashoka's Change Nation event in Dublin

Stanford Social Innovation Review blog post by Daniel Ben-Horin

"'I just returned from Ashoka's remarkable Change Nation event in Dublin ... all the more remarkable because it came on the heels of ten days in Serbia, Bosnia, and Romania, where I met with U.S. Ambassadors ... and the feistiest of grassroots technology activists..."

March 30, 2012

Five Web Services That Are Using Technology To Help With Charity & Social Change

"'TechSoup is technology enabler for other non-profits ...NetSquared has placed itself in the intersection of technology and social change..."

March 30, 2012

Microsoft launches TechSoup in Philippines

GMA News

"'...through collaborative efforts like this, NGOs are able to have access to needed technologies...' said Mike Yeaton, Vice President at TechSoup Asia..."

March 14, 2012

Ten Common Mistakes in Selecting Donor Databases (And How to Avoid Them)

Philanthropy News Digest

"Through an arrangement with TechSoup, Philanthropy News Digest is pleased to offer a series of articles about the effective use of technology by nonprofits..."

February 23, 2012

Take-A-Lesson with Steve McIntosh on BlogTalk Radio


"TechSoup's Chief IT Officer Steve McIntosh interviewed about career lessons — especially for African American youth. ..."

January 18, 2012

Timothy Mo Is Missing: Thoughts on SOPA, Creativity, and True Fans by Daniel Ben-Horin

The Huffington Post

"Something has unraveled where audiences, creativity, and financial compensation come together. And now we are reweaving ..."

January 17, 2012

A look at non-profit information

FUMSI (Free Pint Limited, UK)

"GuideStar International, a UK-registered non-profit created in 2002, exists in alliance with and partners with non-profits, or civil society organisations, in the UK, Israel, India and Belgium...."

January 3, 2012

Microsoft exec: Innovation-driven economies strengthen global environment

GMA News Online

"Microsoft's global programs in Malaysia, which provides software to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) through TechSoup Asia ..."

December 15, 2011

Innovation-driven Economies Provide Strength in Challenging Global Environment

Microsoft Futures Technology Policy Portal

"Mike Yeaton, Vice President of TechSoup Asia, said, 'We are very excited to be partnering with Microsoft ... with the availability of TechSoup in Malaysia ..."

December 6, 2011

Beyond the Easter Bunny: Ambassador Sparks Open Government Web Challenge by Daniel Ben-Horin

The Huffington Post

"It's a bit of a stretch to make Mark Gitenstein, U.S. Ambassador to Romania, a poster child for technology-fueled activism, but I'm going to take a whack at it ..."

December 1, 2011

The Kids are All Right: Campus Party Rocks NASA by Daniel Ben-Horin

The Huffington Post

"Campus Party is one of those names that doesn't translate perfectly. It's not a political party, and it's not Spring Break, and it doesn't happen on campus, it's...Well, ask anyone under 30 who lives in a Spanish-speaking country ..."

November 21, 2011

A Consumer’s Guide to Grants Management Software

Philanthropy News Digest

"Through an arrangement with TechSoup, Philanthropy News Digest is pleased to offer a series of articles about the effective use of technology by nonprofits..."

October 14, 2011

More Singapore NGOs To Get Software Donations Through Microsoft Partnership With Techsoup Asia

Microsoft Singapore News Center

"TechSoup Asia establishes presence in Singapore following successes in Australia..."

September 12, 2011

Campus Party H4SB — Hacking for Something Better Coming to US in 2012

Beth’s Blog

"Daniel Ben-Horin from TechSoup Global has been in the nonprofit technology for decades … when he gets excited about an activity that could benefit the nonprofit technology sector, I listen..."

September 12, 2011

TechSoup Global Contributors’ Summit Brings Participants from 45 Countries to Microsoft Silicon Valley

Microsoft / TechNet

"Microsoft is proud to continue its 15-year partnership with TechSoup, by hosting this year's Global Contributors' Summit..."

February 16, 2011

Six Years Later - Building a Connected Civil Society

Microsoft Unlimited Potential Blog Post by TechSoup Global Co-CEO Rebecca Masisak

"Tomorrow, TechSoup Global will convene its partners from around the world on Microsoft’s campus in Silicon Valley..."

February 14, 2011

TechSoup Global connects non-profits with critical technology


"TechSoup is the only online service that channels software to nonprofits …Gayle Carpentier emphasizes that not every nonprofit has the same needs..."

February 6, 2011

Celebrating Technology for Good in Washington State

Microsoft Unlimited Potential Blog

"...Microsoft decided to work with our long-time partner, TechSoup Global, to sponsor the 2011 Tech for Good Contest for Washington State nonprofits and public libraries..."

February 4, 2011

Used or Donated Computers Help Schools Save Money

Education Week

"To former high school teacher Jim Lynch at San Francisco’s TechSoup Global, a nonprofit group working to find community-driven technology solutions to social problems, computer reuse by districts lacking cash is a smart choice..."

February 4, 2011

Navigating Nonprofit Technology

NorthBay biz magazine

"TechSoup is the only online service that channels software to nonprofits …Gayle Carpentier emphasizes that not every nonprofit has the same needs..."

January 1, 2011

Target community for best return on social media efforts

Nonprofit Business Advisor

"In fact, it's much easier than most professionals realize,' said Amy Sample Ward, community development manager at TechSoup Global ..."

January 1, 2011

Consona Highlights TechSoup's CRM Success


"Consona Corporation … today announced the availability of a case study with TechSoup Global outlining the significant success the non-profit has achieved ..."

December 16, 2010

Challenge Alert: "Povestea digitala a organizatiei mele"

Local Philanthropy Playground / Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe

"Every organization has a story to tell… even with limited resource..."

December 15, 2010

PhilanTopic: Weekend Link Roundup (Social Media)

Philanthropy News Digest

"In the latest installment of her Social Good podcast series, Allison Fine chats with TechSoup Global community development manager Amy Sample Ward..."

December 12, 2010

Remote Access Proves Critical to New Zealand NGO after Earthquake

Philanthropy News Digest

"Through my work with TechSoup Global, all kinds of amazing stories cross my desk, but a letter we received from the Cystic Fibrosis Association of New Zealand after their recent earthquake piqued my interest..."

December 3, 2010

Take Your Own Path: Technology as a Strategic Business Tool


"Dell’s ‘Take Your Own Path’ heroes discuss technology as a strategic business tool … Marnie Webb, Co-CEO of Tech Soup (US)..."

December 1, 2010

TechSoup Global: A Tale of Two Dramatically Different Networks

Beth’s Blog by Beth Kanter

"...Last week, I got to BoardSource at 8 am just so I could hear Marnie Webb and Rebecca Masisak, CO-CEOs of TechSoup Global share their lessons learned..."

November 15, 2010

Does Size Matter? How Tech Can Strengthen a NPO's Reach

Nonprofit Finance Fund / The Chronicle of Philanthropy

" some nonprofits are using technology …join our free Web Chat with Daniel Ben-Horin, Co-CEO of TechSoup Global..."

November 10, 2010

Man of the Day: Daniel Ben-Horin

The Good Men Project

"...Daniel Ben-Horin foresaw the Internet tech boom. Except, instead of working purely for personal gain, he founded TechSoup..."

October 29, 2010

The Devolving Meaning of Social Media

Harvard Business Review Blogs

"I was working with Marnie Webb on NetSquared, and she started using the phrase 'social web'..."

October 26, 2010

French American Charitable Trust/NetSquared Sponsor Social Justice Awards

Philanthropy News Digest

"winners will receive a cash award of $5000 each ... NetSquared is a program of TechSoup Global..."

September 11, 2010

Libraries Host September Project Programming

American Libraries

"a global grassroots effort to encourage library programming about freedom ... founded by Sarah Washburn, library program manager at TechSoup Global..."

September 10, 2010

Toward a New Normal

Huffington Post

"TechSoup is engaging in this dialogue so that technology access is combined with human and organizational capacity..."

September 9, 2010

TechSoup@PND: SharePoint 2010 for Nonprofits and Libraries

Philanthropy News Digest

"Through an arrangement with TechSoup, Philanthropy News Digest is pleased to offer a series of articles about the effective use of technology by nonprofits..."

September 1, 2010

Road Kill, Social Media - What’s hot one day, can cool off in a hurry

The NonProfit Times

"A common misconception is that people assume since media coverage has slowed that something is no longer viable … according to Susan Tenby, Online Community Director at San Francisco-based nonprofit TechSoup..."

August 1, 2010

Council on Foundations - NGOsource

The Council on Foundations

"...based in TechSoup Global's San Francisco offices …the NGOsource Repository is designed to help U.S. grantmakers evaluate an NGO outside of the U.S. … It is expected to launch in April 2011..."

July 28, 2010

Environmental Case for Refurbished IT Equipment

Redemtech (re)blog

"At TechSoup Global another of our missions is to ensure that the refurbished IT equipment that we offer undergoes state-of-the art refurbishment..."

July 23, 2010

Why Charities Should Be Online Hubs for Their Communities

Chronicle of Philanthropy (video blog)

"Marnie Webb, a co-chief executive officer of TechSoup in San Francisco, sees another benefit. Ms. Webb says nonprofit groups should also be using the Internet..."

July 6, 2010

Punching at Your Own Weight in Social Media

Tactical Philanthropy Advisors

"a guest post from Daniel Ben-Horin, CEO of TechSoup Global… ‘This is a condensed version of a panel presentation I gave at the European Foundation Center in June ..."

June 24, 2010

How Non-Profits Should Approach Making iPhone Apps

Mashable / Mobile

"’The real answer, of course, is that mobile is an opportunity to engage constituency,’ said TechSoup’s Marnie Webb..."

June 18, 2010

Center for Technology and Aging Expert Panel Identifies How Older Americans Can Use Technology to Enhance Social Action

The Scan Foundation

"$The expert panelists were …Evonne Heyning, Interactive Producer, TechSoup Global..."

June 3, 2010

TechSoup Awarded Grant

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

"$200,000 … To administer the Apps for Inclusion Challenge, sponsored by the Knight Foundation and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ..."

June 1, 2010

“Not Just Links but the Chain” by Rebecca Masisak

Alliance Magazine

"...I hope that the debates at Foundation Week will … also raise awareness of the eco-system within which foundations operate..."

May 31, 2010

“A tale of two cultures” by Daniel Ben-Horin

Alliance Magazine

"...I perceive a sense of partnership with, and respect for, civil society that is far too often lacking in the States..."

May 26, 2010

Site Statistics and User Privacy for Nonprofit Websites

Philanthropy News Digest / The Foundation Center

"In early 2009, TechSoup Global made the decision to start using Google Analytics to track traffic on It was difficult for us to build a holistic view of site activity on server logs alone..."

May 20, 2010

Xây dựng năng lực công nghệ cho các Tổ chức phi chính phủ tại VN

Hanoimoi Online

"...Microsoft co-organized [NGO Connection Day] with TechSoup Global, the Asian Development Bank and the ASEAN Foundation..."

April 27, 2010

Globalizing Great Social Projects

Microsoft on the Issues

[posted by TSG co-CEO Daniel Ben-Horin]


"I had a rare opportunity last month to participate in the Tech4Society event at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, India. The event … got me thinking about how the bar has moved from finding great projects to spreading great projects…."

April 23, 2010

What's up with the TechSoup Global/GuideStar International Merger?

"I spoke with Rebecca Masisak and Marnie Webb, two of the three CEOs of TechSoup Global … What I walked away with was not only context for the merger, but also a greater understanding of TechSoup's expanded mission..."

April 2010

TechSoup Global and GuideStar International to merge operations – a marriage of true databases?.

Tactical Philanthropy Advisors / Philanthropy Daily Digest

"This is a pretty interesting development. TechSoup Global is building the NGOsource, which will facilitate international donations. So the merger makes sense. Note that GuideStar International is a separate entity from GuideStar"

April 15, 2010

GuideStar International and TechSoup Global Combine

The Nonprofit Quarterly

"In an exciting development for the global social sector, GuideStar International and TechSoup Global announced today that they will be ‘combining their operations to strengthen their respective capacity building programs for civil society organizations’..."

April 15, 2010

TechSoup Global and GuideStar International to merge operations – a marriage of true databases?

Alliance Magazine

... "They intend to develop a shared mission to benefit global civil society through the provision of technology, information and resources..."

April 15, 2010

Citizen-Centered Solutions

The Case Foundation

"...I caught up with Marnie Webb, TechSoup Global’s co-CEO, to ask about how public participation works at NetSquared and and what the project has gained from such an open participatory model..."

April 14, 2010

Technology, social networking transforms giving

USA Today

"...The roots of the explosion of text giving for Haiti can be traced to the TV show American Idol ...says Marnie Webb, co-CEO of TechSoup Global, a non-profit group that advises charities."

April 13, 2010

Social Media 101 for small nonprofits

Socialbrite Social tools for social change

"...Last year TechSoup Global won a grant from Kellogg Action Lab/Fieldstone Alliance with an impressive goal: to create a tool that helps nonprofits assess ..."

April 5, 2010

Increase world awareness for businesses to donate more computers

Ground Report

“…Ever heard of Techsoup? Kind of a secret and when you find them you feel like you struck gold …”

April 1, 2010

2010 Social Innovation Awards

Financial Times

“Congratulations to this year's Social Innovation Awards Winners … Citizens Choice Award TechSoup Global …”

March 24, 2010

Three iPhone Apps To Save Yourself & The World

The New York Times

“…In her panel on ‘Handheld Awesome Detectors: World Changing Mobile Apps’ last week at the South By South West festival in Austin, [TechSoup Global’s] Rachel Weidinger got to talking about a number of iPhone apps…”

March 19, 2010

International Telecentre Forum in Manila

“…an opportunity to learn from the telecentre experiences of …the impressive line-up of resource persons… Rebecca Masisak, Co-CEO, TechSoup Global,USA …”

March 17, 2010

TechSoup at SXSW: Mobile apps for good

WiserEarth Blogs

“…the panel ‘Handheld Awesome Detectors: World-changing Mobile Apps’ ... cutting-edge tech coupled with conscience…”

March 14, 2010

Refurbished Computers

Nonprofit Technology News

“…It’s sort of like a retirement programs for PCs: slave away in corporate America for awhile and then spend your golden years volunteering!”

March 12, 2010

Grants and Grantees / TechSoup Global

Rockefeller Brothers Fund

“…$80,000 for 1 year …for its work to strengthen the technology infrastructure of civil society organizations in the Western Balkans…”

March 11, 2010

Rebecca Masisak from Techsoup Global at NDI10 - Digital Engagement

Digital Inclusion Conference, London

“Rebecca Masisak from Techsoup Global at NDI10 … This interview is part of the People's Voice Media coverage of the National Digital Inclusion conference 2010…”

March 11, 2010

Web Conferencing Tools: Right for You?

Philanthropy News Digest

“…Through an arrangement with TechSoup, Philanthropy News Digest is pleased to offer a series of articles about the effective use of technology...”

March 9, 2010

Worldview: Using Mobile Technology and Social Media to Transform Disaster Relief

Chicago Public Radio WBEZ-FM

“… Marnie Webb of TechSoup Global explains how everything from texting to social media is changing the way we respond to disaster...”

March 4, 2010

Google Broadband Initiative Educational Webinar

Minnesota Public Radio American Public Media

“…on March 10, 2010…MPR | APM will bring in national broadband experts: Joanne Hovis, president of Columbia Telecommunications Corporation, Marnie Webb, co-CEO of TechSoup Global …”

March 4, 2010

RCC 2010 Spotlight on Exhibitor: TechSoup

Worldwide Faith News

“Q&A with Gayle Samuelson Carpentier, TechSoup Business Development Director, by Melissa Dixon, Religion Communication Congress 2010…”

February 22, 2010

A San Francisco Technology Charity Gets a Lesson in Online Security

Chronicle of Philanthropy

“…TechSoup, a San Francisco charity that provides technology assistance and donations to nonprofit groups …has stepped up its security efforts and joined a growing chorus of nonprofit-technology experts…”

February 21, 2010

Recap: “Social Media for Social Impact”

“…Susan Tenby explained how TechSoup helped non-profits establish a presence in SecondLife, demonstrating how the virtual world can be used to disseminate information and also act as a venue for people to meet…”

February 15, 2010

TechSoup@PND: Your Nonprofit's Backup Strategy

Philanthropy News Digest

“Through an arrangement with TechSoup, Philanthropy News Digest is pleased to offer a series of articles …Your Nonprofit’s Backup Strategy by Elliott Harmon, Kevin Lo ...”

February 11, 2010

Governmental Transparency and e-Governance

Nasscom, India

“The impetus for building new services and opportunities on top of that groundwork lies not only with the government, but also with social entrepreneurs and NGOs…by Elliot Harmon (staff writer at TechSoup Global) …”

February 10, 2010

Rebecca Masisak appointed to Foundation Advisory Council

…appointed seven members during the first board meeting held in Colombo, Sri Lanka …[including] Rebecca Masisak of Techsoup Global …

February 3, 2010

Hard-Wired to Give: How Technology Speeds Positive Change

Perhaps no one is better capable of helping us to better understand the relationship between technology and charitable activity than the folks at TechSoup

February 3, 2010

Social Media Week in SF culminates with NetSquared benefit

San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate

Expanding on the first Social Media Week held last year in New York, network-based communicators are staging events in San Francisco, Toronto, London, Berlin and Sao Paolo … Local activities culminate with a Friday night fundraiser to benefit NetSquared

February 2, 2010

The Greening of Nonprofits

Fast Company

"...Climate Savers Computing partners with TechSoup to help nonprofits to reduce energy consumption...”

January 24, 2010

TechSoup Global staff selected as AshokaTECH's official blogger

Ashoka Foundation

“Elliot Harmon will travel to India to cover February’s Tech 4 Society Conference…”

January 5, 2010

Software Free-For-All

Calcalist (Tel Aviv)

“ Mike Yeaton, vice-president of Techsoup, explained to Calcalist how this system is going to change the business world in Israel, too…”

December 23, 2009

Quatre femmes influentes et discrètes by Intel

“The French Intel portal, which calls itself 'The number #1 online magazine for women,' responds to December's San Jose Mercury News story with “Four Women of Distinction,” including TechSoup Global Co-CEO Marnie Webb…”

December 23, 2009

O'Brien: The Influencers of Silicon Valley

San Jose Mercury News

“…Sitting at the epicenter of this social entrepreneurial movement is Marnie Webb, 44, co-CEO of TechSoup Global, a nonprofit that helps other nonprofits...”

December 13, 2009

Should You Upgrade to Windows 7?

Philanthropy News Digest

…by Kevin Lo…Through an arrangement with TechSoup, Philanthropy News Digest is pleased to offer a series of articles about the effective use of technology by nonprofits…

December 2, 2009

Non-profits cope with the recession

KALW Public Radio News

Listen to “how the recession kicked this cycle of help into high gear” in a radio interview which includes TechSoup Global Co-CEO Marnie Webb.

November 30, 2009

US State Department Sponsors Virtual Panel on Green Workplaces

The panel of experts will include …Anna Jaeger, Co-Director GreenTech at TechSoup Global… the December 3 virtual event is co-sponsored by the Annenberg School of Communication...

November 25, 2009

Social Good

“How nonprofits can best use social media is a major topic of debate …One place the issue is debated is at the monthly meetings called Net Tuesdays… an initiative of TechSoup Global ... in more than 50 cities ...”

November 24, 2009

Cyber attacks: Charities can fight back

MIS Asia: The Home of Enterprise in Asia

“…TechSoup Global, for example, provides a good lesson in non-profit security. It offers non-governmental, non-profit and community-based organisations as well as libraries the professional hardware, software, and services they need for their IT functions...”

November 24, 2009

Partnering With Customers – and Competitors - on Green IT

R&D Magazine

by Steve Lippman, Microsoft

“As part of our capacity-building efforts with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and non-profits, Microsoft recently partnered with TechSoup Global to present a set of webinars with green technology guidance ... ”

November 13, 2009

TechSoup wants to stretch broadband dollars

The Hill - Washington, D.C.

“As co-CEO of TechSoup, Marnie Webb interested in helping the Commerce Department make broadband stimulus grants go farther…”

November 13, 2009

Director's Corner: Climate Savers Computing

Climate Savers Computing Initiative

“This week TechSoup Global launched the “Unpower Yourself” campaign to encourage nonprofit workers to reduce power use in the workplace ...”

November 6, 2009

Cyber criminals see charities as easy targets


“… TechSoup senior director Richard Collins said ’The big banks … have money to put into security … Non-profits haven’t been able to do that...”

November 5, 2009

A Call for Charities to Share Their Data

Chronicle of Philanthropy (Opinion)

“Marnie Webb, co-chief executive of TechSoup Global, contemplates the role of charities in a world in which so many people have easy access to data. ...”

November 4, 2009

Ben-Horin Named Ashoka Senior Fellow

Philanthropy Journal

“Daniel Ben-Horin, founder and co-CEO of TechSoup Global, received senior fellowship from Ashoka in recognition of efforts to engage technology specialists with community organizations.”

October 15, 2009

Ask our Giving Guru: Marnie Webb on the art of the follow through

The Case Foundation

“Ask our Giving Guru: Marnie Webb on the art of the follow through… Marnie Webb is Co-CEO of TechSoup Global...”

September 21, 2009

Foundation Center Elects Patrick Collins to Board of Trustees

The Foundation Center

“…Mr. Collins [also] serves on … advisory committees for TechSoup, GuideStar, and the Council on Foundations.”

July 27, 2009

International Grantmaking Repository

Tactical Philanthropy

“More importantly, I would point out that TechSoup Global was selected to host the repository. TechSoup is the group behind NetSquared and one of the most socially media savvy nonprofits around. TechSoup is committed to concepts like transparency and knowledge sharing. It wouldn’t surprise me if at some point we see a sort of Repository 2.0 that builds on the administrative efficiencies of Repository 1.0 to help make international grantmaking more effective.”

July 27, 2009

TechSoup - a must have for every social entrepreneur

Socialedge (A Program of the Skoll Foundation)

Featured blogger “Dr. O” (Patrick O'Heffernan, Ph.D.) “This 20+ year old nonprofit is one of the best resources out there ...”

July 14, 2009

3 Mobile Trends Empowering Social Entrepreneurs

Social Edge

Popular Skoll Foundation social entrepreneurship blog compares NetSquared competitions for this year and last year, placing these challenges in an overall global context.

June 8, 2009

O'Brien: Lessons on innovation from nonprofits

Silicon Valley Mercury News

“… a common theme among organizations at NetSquared this year was the embrace of off-the-shelf technology, and in some cases, what might even be considered somewhat old-fashioned technology.”

May 29, 2009

Development 2.0 Challenge

U.S. Agency for International Development posts a profile of NetSquared’s “Tech Competition for the Developing World” as part of its Open Government Innovations Gallery.

May 22, 2009

Columbia CEO: Going Global with a ‘Game-Changing Effort’

Columbia Business School Alumni News

A wide ranging interview with Columbia alumnus and TechSoup Global Co-C.E.O. Rebecca Masisak on the future of her nonprofit organization, and the role of women in leadership today.

May 18, 2009

Human Rights On and Off the Internet: Social Networking

TechSoup Global’s Senior Manager for Online Community Development Susan Tenby moderates a pioneering panel on activists’ use of technology at the 2009 UC Berkeley Human Rights Conference.

May 5, 2009

Grants to 12 nonprofits from Hearst Foundations

San Francisco Chronicle

TechSoup Global is awarded $200,000 to support the TechSoup Commerce Server Project.

April 10, 2009

Microsoft launches SMB server platform - UK

Microsoft announces that portions of revenue from its new Windows Server 2008 Foundation will be donated to

March 31, 2009

3PAR mid range customer, TechSoup Global's Tim Suttle ...

StorageRap (3Par, Inc.)

TechSoup Global’s Director of Network and Technical Operations speaks about services they provide to non-profits worldwide in this YouTube interview.

March 31, 2009

Meetings without travel carbon - a free offer


Global policy, research and NGO news center OneClimate.Net (founded with help from the Benton Foundation) features its partnership with the virtual world innovators at TechSoup Global to launch the "Eco-Commons" in Second Life

March 30, 2009

Should you donate or recycle that old PC?


A leading national environmental news site features “'s Ten Tips for Donating a Computer.”

March 30, 2009

Want to Help Us Follow Up on Indonesian Biofuels?

Mother Jones

One of America’s oldest and most prestigious investigative journals appeals for reader support for their NetSquared/U.C. Berkeley Human Rights Mobile Challenge entry.

March 26, 2009

TechSoup Sees an Upside for Nonprofits in Downturn

San Francisco Chronicle

TechSoup Global’s success in providing nonprofits with the technology grows despite the recession.

March 22, 2009

Twitter and the Generation Gap

Intuitech NGOs & Tech

Popular nonprofit tech blogger expresses satisfaction with TechSoup, and wonders how age and gender might impact attitudes towards new social technologies.

March 21, 2009

NetSquared Mobile Challenge

Tactical Philanthropy

The Future of the Internet Council’s Ethan Zuckerman is interviewed about the importance of TechSoup Global’s annual NetSquared Conference, which is pioneering the ways web based technology can be harnessed to improve transparency in philanthropy.

March 19, 2009

NetSquared Challenge: What Will Cell Phones Do Next?


This international nonprofit network of journalists highlights the fourth annual NetSquared Conference and competition on innovations in mobile technology.

March 19, 2009

Many ways to give without spending a dime

San Francisco Chronicle

TechSoup Global co-CEO Marnie Webb and senior Demos fellow Allison Fine have created a philanthropic zeitgeist with

March 17, 2009

Whitepaper: Innovative IT Solutions


TechSoup Global’s pioneering use of virtualization software to reduce server room temperatures and provide faster server deployment is described in this industry magazine serving Fortune 500 companies...

March 16, 2009

Philanthropy, the high-tech way

Financial Times

One of Canada’s major on-line papers profiles TechSoup Canada, which was recently launched by the Centre for Social Innovation, TechSoup Global, Microsoft Canada and the Information Technology Association of Canada.

March 14, 2009

Lowering the costs of operating with TechSoup

Manchester Business Examiner

Manchester N.H. nonprofit columnist Sara Houck devotes a lengthy piece to TechSoup Stock, providing tips to make low-cost technology easier to acquire...

March 14, 2009

On the Web: Netsquared

Philanthropy News Digest

One of the nation’s most prestigious philanthropic journals profiles NetSquared, with links to the 4th annual “N2Y4” International Conference, mobile challenges and offline monthly events.

March 10, 2009

Appostles Mobile 2.0 News – N2Y4 Mobile Challenge

NetSquared’s 2009 conference and mobile challenge are featured by this cutting-edge Amsterdam-based team of global innovators.

March 9, 2009

New Media Not Old For Everyone


The Council of PR Firms and veteran blog Launchsquad invite social media pioneers, including TechSoup Global’s Susan Tenby, to give a San Francisco workshop educating non-profits on how best to incorporate new media into their outreach...

March 7, 2009

BlogTalkRadio Show With Special Guest, Susan Tenby, TechSoup Global


Popular online radio program interviews TechSoup Global’s “Social Media Evangelist and New Media Guru Susan Tenby.”

March 6, 2009

“Women at Work in Virtual Worlds”

VirtualWorld SIG

TechSoup Global’s Susan Tenby joins women who build, create, and work in virtual worlds on a March 23 panel with a focus on how a woman’s perspective may differ from that of her male colleagues.

March 6, 2009

Are social networks the key to unlocking online donations?


TechSoup Global co-CEO Daniel Ben-Horin adds his thoughts to those of AsiaPay’s director in the Philippines, in this Alliance article published with the Network of European Foundations and the European Foundation Centre.

(subscription required, pdf version here)

March, 2009

Adobe Systems and Intuit increased product donations

Philanthropy Journal

Philanthropy Journal’s ‘Giving News In Brief” notes these increased donations “by 50 percent and 250 percent respectively in 2008 through TechSoup Global.”

February 24, 2009

Adobe and Intuit Increase Product Donations to Non-Profits Despite Economic Downturn


Ziff Davis Media’s PCMAG.COM notes that these “Silicon Valley giants” are sustaining their philanthropy in hard times with the help of TechSoup Global.

February 23, 2009

Tech Philanthropy Explored on Northern California Radio

KQED Radio

KQED Radio “Forum” show features live interviews (and listener call-ins) with three leaders in “Tech Philanthropy,” including TechSoup Global Co-CEO Daniel Ben-Horin...

February 17, 2009

Green online resources

Manila Standard Today

Manila Standard Today’s Ed Biado posts a Going Green supplement, featuring the TechSoup GreenTech...

February 17, 2009

Donor Management Software The Holidays Are Over

The NonProfit Times

Former TechSoup Global staffer Eric Leland is the author of this The NonProfit Times column “courtesy of Idealware ( and TechSoup (, two technology support organizations for nonprofits.”

February 1, 2009

What is Green IT?

Non-Profit Technology Blog

The “Non-Profit Technology Blog” provides solutions from TSG for Greening the smaller workplace.

January 27, 2009

Free and really cheap software

The Librarian is In

“The Librarian is In” blog highlights MaintainIT’s February 5 webinar on resources for libraries.

January 26, 2009

Women in Nonprofit Technology Who Rock

Fast Company

Beth Kanter blogs on Fast Company about “Women who rock in Nonprofit Technology” and includes TechSoup Global’s Megan Kane, Susan Tenby and Marnie Webb as well NetSquared Alumni, Britt Bravo and former TechSoup Global Board member, Lucy Bernholz.

January 22, 2009

Turning green into green


InfoWorld's Christina Tynan-Wood talks about the TechSoup Global's Refurbuished Computer Initiative and other ways that people can recycle their old computers.

January 20, 2009

Five fabulous New Year's resolutions for tech professionals

IT World Canada

IT World Canada interviews TechSoup Global’s GreenTech co-Director Anna Jaeger.

December 31, 2008

Green Tech tips from TechSoup’s Anna Jaeger

Fresh Dialogues

Fresh Dialogues portraits TechSoup Global’s GreenTech co-Director Anna Jaeger.

December 30, 2008

Big Brothers/Sisters win green challenge

The Niles Daily Star

Michigan’s The Niles Daily Star reports about the winners of the GreenTech Reduce Paper Use Challenge.

December 26, 2008

10 Green technology tips for 2009 reports on the top 10 Green Technology tips recommended by TechSoup Global's GreenTech Initiative.

December 23, 2008

Top 15 Finalists Chosen in the USAID Development 2.0 Challenge

MarketWatch from the Wall Street Journal

MarketWatch from the Wall Street Journal reports on the top 15 finalists chosen in the USAID Development 2.0 Challenge that was powered by NetSquared, an initiative of TechSoup Global.

December 18, 2008

How Much to Give — and to Whom?

New York Times

This New York Times blog post recommends The Give List, a project by TechSoup Global Co-CEO Marnie Webb and Allison Fine as a good resource for charitable holiday giving.

December 10, 2008

Free service for NPOs

National Capital SCAN

National Capital SCAN reports on Protus teaming up with San Francisco's TechSoup, a tech resource that works with non-profit organizations, to provide its Internet fax service MyFax free or at a preferential rate to qualifying groups.

December 4, 2008

Ways to Support Social Causes Without Giving Money

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that people who can't afford to give money to charity this holiday season can learn about other ways to do good at a new Web site, the Give List.

December 4, 2008

TechSoup to aid developing world

Philanthropy Journal

TechSoup Global has announced a commitment to provide technological products and services to nonprofits worldwide, especially in developing countries.

November 21, 2008

Tech Recipes for Success from MaintainIT

Library Journal

Josh Hadro from the Library Journal talks about TechSoup’s MaintainIT Project, and its final installment of their "cookbook" series, titled The Joy of Computing--Planning for Success.

November 18, 2008

Non-profit group looking to get greener? TechSoup adds green-tech resources


ZDNet's Heather Clancy talks about TechSoup Global's GreenTech Initiative and their Reduce Paper Use Challenge

November 14, 2008

TechSoup Gives Non-Profits Green Resources


Treehugger's Jaymi Heimbuch discusses the GreenTech Initiative's aims and goals for helping other non-profits go green.

November 14, 2008

Techsoup starts GreenTech initiative

Philantrophy Journal

Philantrophy Journal mentions TechSoup Global's launching of the GreenTech Initiative.

November 12, 2008

2008 Equity Trustees Not For Profit CEO of the Year

Not For Profit (NFP) CEO Awards?

Congratulations to Doug Jacquier, CEO of Connecting Up Australia, formerly known as Community Information Strategies Australia Inc (CISA) on winning the Innovator of the Year Award in the national 2008 Equity Trustees Australian Nonprofit CEO Awards. Connecting Up Australia is a partner NGO of the TechSoup Global Network.

October 30, 2008

Connecting Up Australia: Non-Profit Information Technology Icon Rebrands for Expansion


Nonprofit ICT pioneer Community Information Strategies Australia (CISA) has rebranded as “Connecting Up Australia”. CEO Mr Doug Jacquier said that the name change better reflects the Adelaide-based nonprofit’s growing national and international profile.

October 30, 2008

SANGONeT extends software distribution to five countries

Network World

The Southern African NGO Network's technology branch, SANGOTeCH, in partnership with TechSoup Global, is extending its software distribution to include nongovernment organizations in Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa and Zambia.

October 29, 2008

Alpha Software Donates over $240,000 to


Alpha donated more than 600 copies of Alpha Five through TechSoup's philanthropy service to help nonprofit organizations build desktop and AJAX web applications rapidly

October 21, 2008

TechSoup Global Makes a Commitment to Action at Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)

Reuters Newswire

San Francisco non-profit expands global services and technology distribution channel to reach NGOs and non-profits worldwide.

October 13, 2008

Major Technology Companies Join TechSoup Global’s Commitment to Action


Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe, Business Objects, Symantec and ReadyTalk have joined TechSoup Global’s CGI Commitment...

October 13, 2008

NetSquared: Harnessing the web for good

Vita Europe

TechSoup Global Co-CEO, Marnie Webb, is interviewed on the application of social web tools for non profit goals while highlighting the potential that many NGOs have failed to tap into.

September 25, 2008

Nonprofit Times Power and Influence List 2007

The Nonprofit Times

TechSoup Global Co-CEO, Marnie Webb, is named one of the 50 most powerful and influential people in the nonprofit sector on The Nonprofit Times' annual list.

August 6, 2008

TechSoup Global Teams-Up with Microsoft to Launch New NGO Site


NGO Connection provides a platform for technology resources, networking and knowledge sharing

Jul 9, 2008

Web site pushes for nonprofit, IT sectors partnership

The China Post

TechSoup Global Network partners with Frontier Foundation to offer knowledge and resources to nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations in Taiwan.

June 27, 2008

TechSoup Greentech featured on the launch of the Cisco


Tim Suttle and Jim Lynch of TechSoup are featured on the launch of the Cisco Learning Network Green IT page.

Jun 25, 2008

Announcing TechSoup's New GreenTech Initiative

Digital Divide Network

Digital Divide Network announces TechSoup's GreenTech Initiative.

Apr 23, 2008

TechSoup featured in The New York Times

The New York Times

TechSoup distributes products like software to 50,000 groups a year. 'We were just trying to meet the needs of nonprofits,' said Rebecca Masisak, co-C.E.O.

Apr 13, 2008

Damn you, Tenby!


The Daily Show

Check out what Jon Stewart of the Daily Show had to say about the congressional hearing on online virtual worlds and learn why he can't forgive TechSoup's Susan Tenby.

Apr 07, 2008


Louisiana Nonprofits Blog

The "Louisiana Nonprofits Blog" by the Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organization sums up nicely why TechSoup gained such popularity among its fellow nonprofits: "If you want to buy it, chances are TechSoup has it cheap, and if you want to know it, chances are TechSoup has the answer."

Apr 03, 2008

'Donate Now' Processing Can Get Expensive

Nonprofit Times

This Nonprofit Times article on online donation processing quotes TechSoup's Daniel Ben-Horin.

Apr 01, 2008

SXSWi: Ten Ways to Green-ify Your Digital Life

Web Teacher

Writeup of the "Green-ify your Life" session, moderated by TechSoup's Jennifer Schlegel at the South by Southwest conference

Mar 11, 2008

Business of Nonprofits: Options for those challenged for software...

Savannah Morning News

The Savannah Morning News includes TechSoup in its list of valuable resources for nonprofits

Jan 26, 2008

Pixelanthropy take hold in Second Life


A comprehensive story on TechSoup's work in Second Life, which was originally written for Contribute Magazine

Jan 10, 2008

Nonprofit Leaders and Experts Offer Their Predictions for 2008

The Chronicle of Philantrophy

TechSoup Global’s Daniel Ben-Horin addresses key issues facing philanthropy in 2008.

December 31, 2007

Tech Firms Get Into the Christmas Spirit

The Irish Press

The Irish Press reports about the launch of the TechSoup Global program in Irleand

Dec 12, 2007

New York Times 11/25/07: A Serious Side of Fun


The New York Times

"The Boss" column features TechSoup/CompuMentor founder Daniel Ben-Horin

Nov 25, 2007

Microsoft to boost charity in India

Associated Press

This AP article on the launch of TechSoup Global's partner program in India ran in over 50 US and international outlets

Aug 28, 2007

Nonprofit Times Power and Influence List 2007

Nonprofit Times

For the fourth consecutive year, TechSoup’s Daniel Ben-Horin is honored for his contributions to the sector by being included in this list of movers and shakers.

August 6, 2007

Cisco Systems Hosts Web Conference


ABC 7 covers the NetSquared Conference

May 29, 2007

TECHNOLOGY; A Boon for Nonprofits With Software Needs

New York Times

Nonprofit organizations gain access to much needed technology through TechSoup

October 27, 2002


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