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Collaborative Innovation in Malaysia brings makers and doers together

Over on the Stanford Social Innovation Review blog, TechSoup Global’s Glenn Fajardo describes Malaysia’s *Weekend Movement and its approach to “time-bound collaborative innovation,” where talented people team up and race against the clock to build out audacious new products and services.Read More

A NetSquared Local group meets the challenge in Cameroon

TechSoup Global’s NetSquared Local groups now meet in 20 countries around the world, and none face greater challenges than the NetSquared group in Cameroon which successfully organized a Buea Cameroon regional conference on February 9.  Forty percent of Cameroon’s 19 million people are under the age of 15 and, as with all developing nations, teRead More

Great interview with Heba Gamal about the Egyptian Revolution on the NetSquared Blog

Heba Gemal is an Egyptian, formerly with Google in the U.S., who became highly engaged with events in Egypt and who is now a senior global network partner manager with TechSoup Global, based in the Fundacja TechSoup office iRead More

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