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Restart Romania Challenge: Taking it to the Streets…and to the Web (Part 2)

The finalists in Restart Romania  represent small business owners ‘looking to do more,’ journalists, programmers and long-time activists.  Their diverse backgrounds offer insight into broad discontent with the status quo and led to productive discussions about the role of non-traditional leaders anRead More

Restart Romania Challenge: Taking it to the Streets…and to the Web (Part 1)

Since 2009 we have watched Romania adopt and experiment with social media for social change while building a network of techie friends.  As we began testing various models to get these programmers engaging with the world-beyond-code, we found a group of (mostly) young Romanians trained to think about solving problems, knowledgeable of a wide range of tool sets and just as passionate aboutRead More

A Social Media Case Study: Where Did the Apathy Go?

The young Romanian guy looks at the camera and straight facedly enumerates the three contributions of his new website and specifically how it will benefit Romanian "regular Joes." The first contribution is,

"Regular Joe will learn from the website where bribe prices are lower and will use free market principles to get the price of bribery down, down, down."Read More

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