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New Media Innovations for Human Rights Recognized in Prague

Read TechSoup Community-Driven Innovation organizer Alicja Peszkowska’s post on the NetSquared Blog for a roundup of hope in dark times, as civil society continues to crowdsource and data map citizen action around the world.Read More

The fight around ACTA (the international version of SOPA)

Our staff in Warsaw report on international protests parallel to those against SOPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act) directed at ACTA<Read More

Great interview with Heba Gamal about the Egyptian Revolution on the NetSquared Blog

Heba Gemal is an Egyptian, formerly with Google in the U.S., who became highly engaged with events in Egypt and who is now a senior global network partner manager with TechSoup Global, based in the Fundacja TechSoup office iRead More

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