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Building a Better Filter Isn't What's Holding Us Back: An Interview with blueEnergy’s Mathias Craig

Over on the Stanford Social Innovation Review blog, I will soon publish a post entitled “Innovation Obsession Disorder”. My basic point is that we get all hot and gooey about great innovations but we tend to lose interest after the innovative pilot has been launched. The world is full of great innovative projects that can’t move beyond the pilot stage.Read More

Just Do Data

(Portland, OR) -- “Data is the new oil.” In an otherwise humdrum Closing Keynote address by Nike’s VP of Sustainable Business and Innovation, Hannah Jones, this struck me as rather a provocative statement. She’s trying to incite a hotel lobby full of nonprofiters, philanthropists, MBA students, CSR practioners and otRead More

Growing the impact of the TSG network – time to get on the bus?

Let's start from the sure and certain knowledge that TechSoup Global and its 35 partners across the world have had an impact that is widely acknowledged and acclaimed. Its outputs in delivering donated and discounted technology and high quality information to nonprofits are unquestioned.Read More

Projects We’re Watching: Medic Mobile

Medic Moblie (formerly FrontlineSMS) is worthy of watching for several reasons—not least because it is helping to create a healthier planet—one person at a time.Read More

Understanding Innovation

Earlier this year, I wrote about "Why Innovation Matters" on Frogloop. Since then, I've found myself, more than ever, thinking that innovation happens in the place where will and constraint meet.Read More

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